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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lost and Found......timeouts

On an administrative note, we're happy to announce that the coaching staff found the universal hand gesture symbolizing a timeout and used it today. In face, not only used them but used them wisely but judiciously. Well done.

Late in the first half, with MU up 11 points, Syracuse hit two shots to cut it to 6 and Buzz called a T.O. It stopped the Orange's momentum and MU was soon up 11 to close the half.

Opening of the second half, MU comes out sluggish while Syracuse hits two baskets to open the half and cut the lead to seven. Buzz wastes to time to call a T.O. to get his guys on the same page. Well done.

I would have liked to have seen one around the 10 minute mark when Syracuse has just run off 6 points in 30 seconds compounded with a Vander Blue turnover in the middle of a 3+ minute scoring drought, but it worked out. Let's hope we don't hide those timeouts again, they are a valuable tool. They don't always work but often can settle the boys down and slow down the momentum of the other team.

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