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Saturday, January 15, 2011

We've seen this before....Epic choke job by MU today.

We've seen this before....an Epic choke job by MU today. No other way to say it. An 18 point lead with barely 5:30 to go is squandered as Marquette goes into a stall offense and forgets how to play defense. MU loses on a layup with 4 seconds to go as #17 Louisville escapes 71-70 at home.

The biggest choke job since perhaps...oh....some 300 days ago when MU had a 15 point lead on Washington in the NCAA tournament and lost 80-78.

We've seen this before. Poor decision making, a stall offense, an ole defense, all with a commanding lead and refusing to continue to finish the game the way you played to build the lead.


Anonymous said...

"I was about to call a timeout but didn't because we broke the pressure and I thought (Buycks) was going to dribble it out but he didn't, but that's OK," Williams said.

The sooner Jimmy Butler is no longer the calming senior presence on this team, the better.

Charles Springer said...

Dieng was off the court with five fouls as well. There goes that theory.


Kelvin Butterfly said...

Awful Awful loss, but at the end of the day this wasn't a game we were "supposed to" win anyway.

Had we simply been down by 10 at the half, made a decent run at the end but still came up short, this loss would have been much easier to swallow. Frankly I'm glad they lost becaue if you blow an 18 pt lead with 5:44 to go, even if you hold on to win by 1 point, you don't deserve to so they got what they deserved.

The Buzz bashing that will inevitably follow this will be counterproductive. Not that I feel he coached well in this game but again, this wasn't a game anyone with any sanity was willing to firmly put in our pre-season W column anyway.

I accepted early on that we were a borderline tournament team at best this year. Not having a bad loss doesn't do any good if you don't have enough quality wins. Unfortunately the one quality win we do have is likely to diminish as the season progresses. Shake this one off and move on gents.