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Saturday, January 29, 2011

MU attempts to be 10th team with 3 wins over RPI Top 25

Another day in the Big East, another top 10 opponent. So far Syracuse has mastered Marquette ever since MU entered the Big East, and we hope MU isn't discouraged in this stretch of killer games. Syracuse certainly has the talent to be the first team to beat MU by double digits in regular season play either this year or next, but we hope not.

Marquette should take heart in being one of only 17 teams to have already defeated more than one RPI Top 25 team (West Virginia and Notre Dame), and a win today would make Marquette one of only 10 teams in the country to have defeated three RPI Top 25. The only others with three wins are:

Michigan State, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, St. John's, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

Pretty select group, and a very nice one to be in that group.

And despite Rob's dismissal of the fact due to the Big East tournament loss, here is the list of all the teams that have not been defeated by double digits in the regular season either last year or this year:


I sort of believe if you've accomplished something that none of the other 344 teams have accomplished it's a good thing ...

A lot of close losses to great teams combined with a few wins over Top 25 teams is a nice formula for an NCAA bid. The commentators on the ACC broadcast between NC State and UNC just predicted the Big East gets 10 or 11 bids.

MU can take a big step today. A loss would mean probably having to win 6 of the last 9 - which admittedly would be tough with the schedule ahead.

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