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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Answer to MU Scoop Question: All-Time MU Starting 5 and Updated Top 50 Players

Calling Pudner (Bama)...if he wasn't so damn busy electing Presidents...from his book it is Bo, George, DW3, Butch and Dean. I don't know where Jae would fit in statistically but I assume high." - Dr. Blackheart on MU Scoop
I'm sure this is an evil plot - get that guy who writes for Cracked Sidewalks and is a National Co-Chair for Romney's Faith and Values Coalition sidetracked by asking him who Marquette's all-time Starting 5 should be. I get it. OK, just kidding. But to be sure I was answering this correctly, I did run Crowder's final numbers based on the Ultimate Hoops Guide - Marquette University methodology, and he came in 9th all-time.

You could argue that if you put Bo Ellis at power forward that Crowder makes the team, and in fact I actually believe he should make the team anyway because he and Jerel McNeal would rank higher than 9th and 12th all-time if we could adjust for how much tougher their schedules were than the 1970s stars.

However, after running all the numbers again, but choosing the top three MU teams of all-time by position, I actually end up with the same starting five as walk-on poster cbowe3. I have Crowder as the 2nd team small forward behind Ellis (better season, but Ellis better career over 4 years). You can argue positions such as George Thompson really playing front line at MU, but I tried to put them at their best position, and he was a guard in the pros. I list the rank of the top 3 teams, as well as the Top 50 of all-time.

Of course, to do all this I basically had to write another chapter in the book, so that will come later. Now that I've lost half my readers by mentioning my politics, I'm going back to work on politics, but have the extra chapter posting later.

PosRnkAll-Time First TeamLast Season
sg1Dwyane Wade03 last year
sf2Maurice (Bo) Ellis77 last year
pg3Alfred (Butch) Lee78 last year
pf6Jim Chones72 last year
c7Maurice Lucas74 last year
All-Time Second Team
sg4George Thompson69 last year
pg5Dean Meminger71 last year
pf8Don Kojis61 last year
sf9Jae Crowder12 last year
c11Terry Rand56 last year
All-Time 3rd Team
sf10Earl Tatum76 last year
sg12Jerel McNeal09 last year
c14Jerome Whitehead78 last year
pf16Larry McNeil73 last year
pg20Glen (Doc) Rivers83 last year
Rest of the Top 50
13Dave Quabius39 last year
15Tony Smith90 last year
17Travis Diener05 last year
18Jim McIlvaine94 last year
19Lloyd Walton76 last year
21Wesley Matthews09 last year
22Bernard Toone79 last year
23Dominic James09 last year
24Ed Mullen35 last year
25Gary Brell71 last year
26Michael Wilson82 last year
27Bob Lackey72 last year
28Sam Worthen80 last year
29DJO12 last year
30Jimmy Butler11 last year
31Joe Thomas70 last year
32Gene Berce48 last year
33Steve Novak06 last year
34Joseph (Red) Dunn25 last year
35Richard Quinn25 last year
36Aaron Hutchins98 last year
37Allie McGuire73 last year
38Lazar Hayward09 last year
39Tony Miller95 last year
40Walt Mangham60 last year
41Amal McCaskill96 last year
42Chris Crawford97 last year
43Ric Cobb70 last year
44Ron Curry93 last year
45Marcus Washington74 last year
46Cordell Henry02 last year
47Brian Wardle01 last year
48Damon Key94 last year
49Russ Wittberger55 last year
50Robert Jackson03 last year

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