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Friday, March 19, 2021

Steve Wojciechowski Fired

Per a release from Marquette Basketball this morning, Steve Wojciechowski is no longer the Head Coach of the Marquette Men's Basketball program.

Wojciechowski posted a 128-95 record in 7 seasons at Marquette, including 59-68 in Big East play. He earned two NCAA bids in that time and certainly would've earned a third had COVID not shut down the 2020 tournament. His team went 13-14 this past season and lost in the opening game of the Big East Tournament.

Avid followers of this website are aware we, along with writers at Paint Touches and Anonymous Eagle, came together to lay out the reasons we felt it was time for Marquette to make this move. We planned from the start to address options for the future both in the event of Marquette retaining Wojciechowski and in the event of what happened today. We still plan to go ahead with those options, but will obviously alter those plans based on this new development.

For now, we look forward with anticipation to the next chapter in Marquette Basketball. We are Marquette!

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