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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chas McFarland Commits To Wake Forest

Earlier today, Worcester Academy's Chas McFarland commited to Wake Forest. McFarland selected Wake over MU and BC. To be sure, losing McFarland is disappointing, but Crean has time to address post play on the roster. Going into next season, MU returns Kinsella, Burke, Amoroso, Barro and Lott on the interior. TC will quickly turn the page and focus on top post prospects for next season, most notably Mac Koshwal and Keaton Nankivil.

Regardless, MU is expected to announce the signing of both David Cubillan and Lazar Hayward. With commitments from a combo guard and lights-out shooter, Crean filled noticable gaps in next season's roster. Even more interesting, both players -- Cubillan and Hayward -- are essentially 5th year high school seniors, each of whom might acutally be older than each of MU's current freshman.

The maturity of the these two will be a welcome addition to the young core of the 2006-2007 roster. In terms of next year's roster, Cubillan jumps into a role that MU will cover by committee this year -- combo guard/backup point guard. Hayward becomes the best shooter on the team the moment he steps on campus next fall. Mapped against the current freshmen, this group is both promising and complementary. And btw -- how sweet is it that Crean's last three commits are from the East Coast. Shades of Al?

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Anonymous said...

I went to school with chas and watched him develop into a really great basketball player by his senior year... and while you probable think his name is Chas, csowers it is actually pronounced Chase.... so dont bother losing any sleep over him or anything, because he doesn't want your support anyway.....