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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Washington Post Big East Preview

A thorough Big East preview offered by the Washington Post. Coach Crean notes the heightened fan interest in the new league:

Marquette Coach Tom Crean said last month that the Golden Eagles have had more ticket requests for their Jan. 11 game at Seton Hall, which finished 10th in the conference last year and has no nationally recognized star, than any other road game. The reason? Fans can combine a visit to New York City with a trip to the Meadowlands for the game.

"It's phenomenal for our fans to be able to do that," Crean said. "In our time [in Conference USA], we never lost at Southern Miss, so that was a good trip for us. But we'll have a thousand fans at Seton Hall, while we might've had 10 at Southern Miss."

Will anybody miss Hattiesburg?

The Post also picks MU to finish 12th in the league. Here is the rundown.

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