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Saturday, November 12, 2005

New Look MU in New Big East: AP

An upbeat article by the Associated Press' Colin Fly looks at the role MU's 'big three' incoming freshman have for Tom Crean. Fly describes how Steve Novak should benefit from MU's new-found athleticism in the backcourt -- but the most revealing comments are from senior Joe Chapman, reflecting on the 2003 Final Four run:

"That season really, really you don't know how good it is until you've been to the NIT two straight years," said Joe Chapman, one of the remaining members from that squad. "Going into your freshman year, you expect big things and going to the Final Four, you're like 'Wow, we're going to expect this every year.' But you really get a grasp of it now."

This kind of urgency is exactly what the program needs every year. Bravo, Joe (although, one hopes it was present in each of the last two seasons as well). With all the talk of MU's bright future because of the core of young talent in the program, passionate senior leadership is more important than ever.

In the article, Fly mentions that MU's 'modest goal' is to 'is to qualify for a slot in the 12-team conference tournament'. Novak, Grimm, and Chapman will surely aspire for more in their final season - - and with the new talent in the program, optimism is warranted.

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