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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

2008-2009 Schedule Notes

In one of his many quality updates during the month of May, Todd Rosiak offered up a few notes on MU's schedule for the coming season in a recent post -- here are the early highlights from the out-of-conference schedule:

Nov. 22 -- MU hosts UW-Milwaukee (aka, The Bud Haidet Classic)

The Chicago Invitational at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois:

Nov. 28 -- MU vs. Northern Iowa
Nov. 29 -- MU vs. Dayton (remember when Brian Gregory was in line to be MU's next head coach? LOL)

BTW, per Rosiak, both games in the Chicago Invitational assume MU wins a pair of home games to reach the 'final four' of this event.....no details yet on that aspect of the schedule.

Dec. 6 -- MU hosts Bucky

Dec. 16 -- MU vs. Tennessee in Nashville as part of the SEC-Big East Invitational. MU gets a chance to abuse The Necklace in the Vols' home state.

Of course, all known games are on the Marquette Wiki, which has the known schedule and roster for 2008-09.


Bill Waldron said...

No, MU does *not* get a chance to beat the Vols on their home floor. The game is in Nashville at the Sommet Center, not in Knoxville at Thompson-Boling.

Unknown said...

Some good games to indicate how Marquette compares to other very good programs.

Unknown said...

Nobody wanted Brian Gregory as MU's head coach, but he's 10x more qualified as the guy we got.

Unknown said...

Richard 1, I suggest you purchase a punching bag or something similar to take out your frustrations. You've beaten the horse to death...it's time to open up to the idea that nothing will change the hire, so you might as well begin on the road to optimism.

Extended periods of bitterness and anger predispose you to heart problems. I want you to make it through the season so you can enjoy the Buzz show and regret your incessant disdain for the man that you clearly know very little about.

On that note, I suggest you attend the Meet Buzz BBQ so that you can either begin to like the man or plunge further into your well of anger. Either way, you'll at least have a tangible experience from which you can base your feelings.

Until then -- let it go man,

Richard 2

theKAYman said...

Is the SEC/Big East Invitational a two year home/away type deal? Or is the forum in Tennesse a "neutral" site?

Championships Matter said...

That's correct B Waldron. Moreover, Nashville is Commodore country, as the home of Vanderbilt University, Memorial Gymnasium, is within three miles of the Sommet Center.

As a kid growing up in Nashville, one of the great moments in my sports life was watching Marquette play the UT Vols for the first time in 1971. Marquette crushed UT 56-30 and the score was closer than the game. The game was played in Milwaukee at the Arena and MU was up 12-0 before UT got the ball across the mid-court line.

Crazy Ray Mears, UT's head coach, got religion after that game and began recruiting in rough New York neighborhoods. The next year, Al and the Warriors went to Stokley Athletic Center in Knoxville and faced a team with Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld. They won -- in overtime!

Here's hoping our Warriors hand UT a nasty loss yet again... in their home state!. I'll be there for it!

TB said...

corrected, thanks for the edit

ddugan98 said...

Well put, Richard 2, well put.

Nathan said...

i wasnt thrilled when the Gregory name came up...but then again look where we are now...Neither filled the quota of us being more than a mid-major by being able to hire a guy who had actually won a tournament game before...but had we hired gregory, we could've found out if kids transfer on all Izzo assistants, or just ours...

Championships Matter said...

I'm with Richard 2. It's time to put our poison pens, angry letters and generally bitter feelings over the process that brought Buzz to us away.

We're going to like Buzz. In fact, we're going to love Buzz when he hoists a championship trophy over his head. All the while, TV Tommy Crean will be 10-17 at Indiana for the fourth consecutive year and wondering why he ever left his dream job at Marquette.

Look, I want Buzz to win probably more than anyone except maybe Ms. Buzz. We aren't helping by keeping our poison pens at the ready. Sooner or later. some recruit is going to read this and decide to be Road Kill in Madison rather than a Warrior. Lets agree to put our pens away and light our novena lights in hopes we found a gem... how we found it is immaterial.