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Monday, February 09, 2009

CBS Sports BlogPoll: Week 1

CBS Sports was kind enough to invite Cracked Sidewalks to participate in its first-ever College Basketball BlogPoll. I was supposed to post my ballot here on CS a few days ago, but life got in the way. Anyway, the results from 47 participating bloggers have been calculated and the first edition of the poll has been released. Marquette landed up #10 in the first ballot (formatting is messy there, but I'm sure it'll be tweaked over time).

Apparently I am somewhat of a homer since my ballot was flagged in the top five for the Coulter/Kos Award, which goes to the blogger with the highest bias rating. So be it.

My first ballot is listed below.

1 Connecticut
2 Oklahoma
3 Pittsburgh
4 North Carolina
5 Wake Forest
6 Louisville
7 Clemson
8 Michigan St.
9 Marquette
10 Memphis
11 Duke
13 Villanova
14 Texas
15 Xavier
16 Butler
17 Arizona St.
18 Washington
19 Kansas
20 Purdue
21 Illinois
22 Gonzaga
23 Syracuse
24 Utah St.
25 Dayton

A few notes:
  • Sure, Dayton in the top 25 after a loss last week is a stretch -- but they do have a nifty win over an upper division BIG EAST program.
  • Duke should have been 0-2 last week, and I voted them as such.
  • Purdue is likely better than their ranking.
  • Memphis is playing great......oh so quietly.
  • I have too many Pac-10 teams in this ballot.


BlackandGreen said...

Good first week for the poll. Nice job grabbing some attention by slipping Marquette in a little higher than average. ND fans don't have to worry about that, thus the "Numb Existence."

AquariumDrinker said...

"Duke should have been 0-2 last week..."

What does that mean? They beat Miami. Why would you rank them as if they lost?

Marquette should have been 2-0 last week. Why didn't you vote them as such?

TB said...

Both teams were 1-1 last week but Marquette didn't lose by 27 points and didn't nearly cough up a home game along the way.

MU was 1-1 for the week in two road games...the loss coming thanks to a 10-23 effort at the stripe which, in the context of the season, is a red herring. With a 1-1 week I did vote MU 'as such' -- at #9 rather than as #6.