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Friday, February 06, 2009

MU Shooting Sinks Streak, USF wins 57-56

Marquette's perfect Big East record disappeared with a thud, with a loss to the victory challenged USF Bulls, 57-56.

Marquette shot a miserable 38% from the field, a horrible 16% (4-24) from 3-point land, and a galacticly bad 43% from the charity stripe.

Amazingly, MU had a chance to win it, but missed two close-up shots to end the game.

My lucky shirt is no longer lucky, I am irritated, and am mailing this post-game report in.

MU travels to Villanova on Tuesday.

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Gene Frenkle said...

Shot and played miserable...and still we were a Lazar putback away from a W.

As upset as I am, I'll get over it by Sunday. These things happen and starting against DePaul, I want MU to go 4-2 or 5-1 in the next six games. Well...here's one in the L column. Oh well.

Butler looked great again. Buzz has to use the bench for a minute or two if he can. Dom has to stop hoisting threes. And, try making free throws at a 65% clip as a team. Not hard.

Vinnie said...

Baseless parallel to help us/me feel better: ECU loss in 2003. No trip to the east cost is safe. Never discount a shock to routine, regardless of opponent. I counted on a 1-1 split with USF and 'Nova, and I think we can still get it.

Look at it this way: MU losing a relatively obscure Friday night game at USF is national sports news. That says a lot about what this team has done and could do, no?

But yeah, they totally need a sports shrink or something. The free throw shooting is getting ridiculous.

Unknown said...

Horrible shooting and FT shooting. Also kind of exposes our weakness. Buzz needs to rethink strategy, player utilization, motivation. I think Buzz and the team will come through. I don't think we have seen this teams best basketball yet.