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Friday, February 19, 2010

Marquette Doesn't Step Up

Needing to secure at least four more victories to make the NCAA tournament, Marquette failed to step up against Pitt, falling 58-51 last night. The big killer in this game was the shooting percentages, where Pitt had an effective field goal percentage of 59.5% and Marquette's was 39.2%. Both of those were way out of line, and it led to Marquette's second worse offensive outing of the year (FSU). The planned Gold Out looked pretty weak too, except for the student section.

I'm really just not in the mood to write anything clever or interesting (not like that's new), so here are some recaps from around the web.

Also, here's the Official GoMarquette.com release. It includes the box score, photo gallery, and some recaps. We're embedding the interviews directly.

Buzz Williams


Marquette must now regroup for a three game road trip that takes the team to Cincy, St. Johns, and then Seton Hall. Honestly, we feel as though Marquette needs to win two of these three games, and then the games against Louisville and ND to avoid having to make a run in the BET. The game against Cincy will be 1:00 on Sunday.


Unknown said...

Disgusted. Flat out disgusted. Turnovers at the least oportune times, horrific shot selections, missed free throws. Way to f-it-up in a nationally televised game. Better pray to God we don't stumble at Seton Hall or St. Johns. Every time MU can take a leap forward or fall backward, the backwards win. And I don't care whether expectations were high or low this year. Fact is, we are a good team and need to play consistently like good teams do.

ICHeights said...

Harsh James, really I believe that game came down to a poor shooting night catching up with the team. We were just a few of those threes going down from winning that game. Does anyone else feel as though with 30 secs left in the game we should have forced Pitt to make some free throws instead of conceding? Seemed like they gave up way to early.

Unknown said...

Lazar looked frustrated. He had a tough game. He sets the attitude for the entire team. Pittsburgh did what they said they needed to do to win. Can't give up. Time to rebound back and win the next game.