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Monday, August 04, 2014

Hold the Mayo and Pass the Scrambled Questions

Once again some late breaking news has sent us to the podmobile to get a podcast fired up and out to you. This time it is the unexpected but not totally surprising news that Todd Mayo is no longer with the Marquette basketball team. It is unexpected from a timing standpoint, but not unsurprising given Todd's history at MU. We choose not to spend too much time on this development and instead pivot to your questions to us in our favorite segment #scrambledquestions. We did get a lot of Mayo questions of course, but thankfully a lot of them were forward looking so we tackled the game of "what does MU do now". Ultimately we plowed through at least a half dozen of your questions and we can only hope we answered them sufficiently. Enjoy the episode and here's to hoping the emergency podsignal will stay switched off for the next couple of months. Download this episode (right click and save)

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Shake mo said...

Just make sure you listen to this pod cast when MARQUETTE shocks and amazes you .... Thomas was not the only shooter they had ... Others weren't given a chance and they had players that showed when given ample time but held back for whatever reason