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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Damian Saunders Commits to Marquette

Damian Saunders, a 6'7" PF prepping at Notre Dame (MA) this season, verbally committed to Marquette University yesterday.

Saunders, originally from Waterbury, CT selected MU over Providence College. Saunders becomes the fourth player to commit to MU from the 2007 freshman class joining PF Trevor Mbakwe, PF/SF Patrick Hazel, and CG Scott Christopherson.

The fall signing period begins on Wednesday.

Here is Todd Rosiak's coverage of the Saunders commit.

Welcome to Marquette, Damian!

In the meantime, check out our post on Saunders from a few weeks ago, which includes a photo. Photo above from Birdseyesports.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is either good news or bad news. Would hate to see DJ leave early, but at least we have another quality recruit instead of having to quickly ponder over JUCOs in the off season. But it seems that these are the likely scenerios with 4 commits with only 3 scholarships.

1) DJ leaves - possible.
2) Fitz graduates plans to move on - you never know.
3) Someone transfers - seems to be a recurring theme at Marquette, lets just hope it isnt one of the guards.
4)Mbakwe will not qualify and will not attend MU.
5)Christopherson will choose not to attend MU, after all he did commit like 2 years ago, you never know,.
6)Hazel backs out of his verbal.

It seems that at least one of those situations is possible, lets just hope that it isnt more then one. (espically #3 or 1 for that matter). Nice grab by Crean.