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Friday, November 24, 2006

Funny anecdote from MU's win over Duke

Ah, reader feedback is good for the soul. So is winning on national TV against a marquee program. Per this email it looks like MU expanded its fan base with the Duke win:

MU Hoops :

How big is the Duke - Carolina rivalry ? I was covering the pre-season NIT semis last bight at the garden and casually asked a few North Carolina cheerleaders if they were 'Marquette fans' a day ago. Turns out they were on the bus to New York and constantly checking cell phones for score updates, and all rooting for Marquette. Tom Crean & comany had some instant fans that night.

Ray Floriani
Basketball Times
Be sure to check out Basketball Times, one of the best publications around......always a great read.

Ray, thanks for the feedback!

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