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Friday, April 13, 2007

Dominic James: no NBA decision yet

"The people that are close to me know I'm still weighing all my options," he said. "I'm just getting everybody's analysis of my game, what they think my draft status is and things like that. But as far as making a decision, I haven't gotten there yet."
So says Dominic James in an article today by Todd Rosiak. The article -- and accompanying Q/A with DJ on Rosiak's blog (btw, love the line about being 'hood rich')- appears to be based solely on an interview with James, so in that regard we know exactly where DJ personally stands with the process.

These reports prove that James is a smart, heady kid who will make a good decision. If nothing else, he's pushing his coach to help with research, and calmly reviewing the incoming feedback. Good for him. DJ is waiting to hear those magic words, first. round. pick.
If I hear, ‘OK, Dominic, you’re a first-round pick. We feel like either way it goes, you’re going to be selected in the first round.’ Then I’d probably think about that very hard because if they tell you you’re a first-round pick and your stock is high, then you’ve almost got to go.
Good luck with that -- but don't forget what happened to a guy like Maurice Evans who was promised that he'd be a first-round pick, only to find out that not all promises are kept. Still, it is encouraging to know that James is taking his time to make a smart, informed decision (unlike other over-anxious players in the Big East) .

Editor's mea culpa: NBA personnel are not allowed to comment on draft ineligible players (read: underclassman) until after the April 29 declaration deadline. My earlier post wrongly assumed that Rosiak could have obtained on-the-record comments at this time.

Thanks to a faithful reader for pointing this out!

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Anonymous said...

This seems like a moot question - he can declare if he wants, but he will not go.

Any news on the Coaching front? Have all of the key jobs been taken? I never heard an apology from Katz of the local news for all of the stories they ran.