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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MU news and notes

Let's start with Dominic James. The always insightful Mike DeCourcy offers fresh perspective on James' draft status in his latest blog -- and makes a strong case for DJ to stick around for at least another year:

Worrying about draft position -- and relying on draft websites to dictate what that position might be -- is a huge mistake for a young prospect. It's the same silliness being pitched at Marquette's Dominic James now, that if he doesn't enter the draft this year there'll be lots of talented point guards in the next draft to make him less coveted. It's ridiculous.

James' sophomore season was below what he's capable of producing. Given his extraordinary athleticism and skills, there is no reason to believe he would not be a more valuable prospect if he were to return and perform to his standards. Being the first point guard last year did not get Rajon Rondo off the board until the 21st pick. A dearth of point guard talent is not going to make James desirable; improved performance is.

I somewhat get DeCourcy's point on Rondo - - but if the goal was to be a first round pick and secure that guaranteed contract, its hard to argue with Rondo's decision. And for what its worth, at UK Rondo struggled to shoot the ball far more than James ever has, though the Celtics rookie had other advantages to his game (ie: he's 6'1 and was a near-lockdown defender collegiately).

In other news, Todd Rosiak wraps up his updates on the incoming 2007 freshman class with a look at Trevor Mbakwe. I can't wait to see what this kid can do on the floor this fall.

CollegeHoops.net takes a very early look at best teams for 2008, and slots MU in at #12.

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Anonymous said...

If James goes he will also have to deal with falling a little further because Taurean Green is also entering the draft.