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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Its Rucker time!

Oh to have a some free time this weekend.......Friday night at New York City's famed Rucker Park, many of the nation's top seniors will participate in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 Classic.

Huge talent -- none of it is bound or interested in MU, but still - - this is about great hoops on the quintessential urban playground and is worth noting for any hoops junkie who's sick of SportsCenter's summer shenanigans or tired of Sports' Summer of Discontent (see PacMan, Bonds, Vick, Donaghy). Rucker, located in Harlem where the old Polo Grounds used to stand, has been home to many of basketball's all-time greats over the years.

Based on the buzz we're hearing about the 2009 class, my money is on Renardo Sidney lighting things up on Friday -- and claiming his spot as the nation's top prep player regardless of class. Former MU target Willie Warren is also scheduled to participate.

Here are the full details from Dick Weiss. Here's a look at the rosters.

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