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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jeff Goodman updates on MU

Several mentions of MU in Goodman's latest effort. Read it all here.

If you are an MU fan and are for some reason not excited about the 07-08 campaign, please note:

``It’s a perfect year,” Crean told FOXSports.com. “We originally set it up thinking Dominic wouldn’t be here, but it’s great all the way around now. It gives us a chance to play different ways with different combinations.”

Crean expects one of those combinations to be a four-guard lineup with James, Jerel McNeal, Wesley Matthews and David Cubillan.

Crean will also use plenty of sophomore forward Lazar Hayward, who the Golden Eagles head man feels could develop into one of the best forwards in the Big East.

``I’m excited with this team because they’ve had a good spring and summer,” Crean said. “And they have a real hunger. There’s also an opportunity to create more competition in practice because we’ll be deeper on paper.”


Gene Frenkle said...

In years past, the worry was what would MU do if it lost it's PG. This year, I think a lot is riding on the shoulders of Ousmane staying healthy.

If they were to lose him, they'd have to rely on a freshman Mbakwe and an undersized (for a center) Hayward. Until I see Burke improved on the defensive end, he's not the answer either.

But...you can survive in college hoops w/out a dominant big man. But you gotta get have at least some bodies that can guard down low.

TB said...

"In years past, the worry was what would MU do if it lost it's PG."

Agreed, but I think its more about losing those skills than the player. Last year MU only had two guys on their roster who could break down a defense using the dribble.....that's when MU became a Deane-era offense to close the year. With Acker, McNeal and DJ - wow, TC has options and this team should be able to remain a constant, attacking threat throughout any game as long as two of them are healthy.

Gene Frenkle said...

Agreed. They obviously had someone who could fill the "point guard" position, but nobody could truly run the point effectively, or bring the ball up for that matter. When Marcus Jackson was your go-to to break a press, something's wrong.