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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

MUScoop newsletter: cool idea, part deaux

here's the second installment

Welcome to MUScoop.com's monthly newsletter!

We'd love to get your feedback - send it to muscoop@muscoop.com or post it to the suggestions board

1. July Highlights

2. July Off-Topic Scoop Threads

3. What's coming up in August?
  • In August, we'll know if our 4 incoming recruits are all on campus, and look for more information on the scholarship situation
  • Marquette will have a few team practices in advance of their trip to Vancouver. First game of that trip is on September 1st at noon versus the Moult Athletic.

4. Marquette Sports Wiki

As you may know, one of the best places to look for Marquette information is the Wiki, at http://wiki.muscoop.com. If you haven't visited, here are a few examples of some great information you can find on the Wiki:

A wiki, of course, depends on volunteers. We need your help. Spend a few minutes and update your favorite player's page. Or, maybe you remember 1995 like it was yesterday, and can improve the season recap for that year.

Oh, what's the point. None of you are going to help, you ungrateful slobs!

If I've guilted you into it, help us here:

5. Sports Sites of the Month:

We at MUScoop.com look forward to seeing you in the boards as we all eagerly look forward to the next season. Please remember that this site is dedicated to being "by the fans, for the fans". If you have any suggestions at all to improve YOUR site please post it to the suggestions board. Until next month ..

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