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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Maui anybody?

This first was reported a few days ago by Todd Rosiak, and now there are a few follow-up articles about Marquette's participation in the 2007 Maui Classic. MU draws the host Chaminade Silver Swords in the tournament opener on November 19.

The bracket (should MU win the first game) could then include a matchup against either LSU or Oklahoma State before reaching the finals where Duke could be waiting. Gary Parrish likes MU's chances.

The Maui News report on the tournament.

Here's a broader perspective on pre-season tournaments from ESPN's Kyle Whelliston. Whelliston, founder of the Midmajority blog site, addresses the surge in interest for these tournaments, noting

Gone forever was the 6-year-old "two-in-four" rule that limited schools to two appearances per quadrennial in so-called "exempt" tournaments, which allowed up to four contests to count as a single regular-season game against a maximum of 28. In its place was the new concept of "multi-team events" (or MTE for short), which have much looser restrictions; schools can't play in the same multi-team event twice over a four-year period, but any school may now participate in a MTE every season if it so chooses.
With the restrictions eased, more teams want in......and more MTEs have emerged
The impact of the new rules on scheduling were dramatic and led to a surge of new Classics, Challenges and Shootouts. When the curtain lifted on the 2006-07 season, the number of named, multi-team preseason events had increased from 36 in 2005-06 to a whopping 58. And with the addition of even more fledgling events for 2007-08 -- with names like Philly Classic, Glen Wilkes Classic and Blue Ribbon Challenge -- college basketball's preseason has become a promoter's paradise.
Thankfully, Tom Crean is intent on Marquette remaining in the mix in these marquee events. As the message boards say, this should help recruiting.

BTW, we can't talk Hawaii without thinking about Don Ho.......so, um, here's a treat for you fans of the Polynesian Elvis


Kevin Buckley said...

So .. teams want to play more than 28, huh? Who'd a thunk. How about increasing the max game count so these games could be played at home courts? Not that I mind Maui, but I don't want to see MU playing in the Terre Haute Indiana Classic any time soon.

Richard C. Lambert said...

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