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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marquette receives 100% graduation rate in men's hoops from NCAA

Tom Crean is gone, but he did manage to leave MU with a graduation record of 100% according to the NCAA. The results were released today by the NCAA. Only 27 men's programs (there are over 330 DI programs nationally) received a perfect 100% graduation rate. Marquette Unviersity was one of the 27 along with Notre Dame. Almost half of the Big East men's basketball programs did not graduate 50% of their players (Cincinnati, UCONN, DePaul, Louisville, South Florida and West Virginia).

More detailed article can be found here

The NCAA has a comprehensive update here.

Marquette's specific rates by team are listed here in a pdf format

UPDATE: Hoya Prospectus compiled a nice Q&A answering some FAQs about Graduation Success Rate.


Unknown said...

I know some only look at wins and losses, but this is something to be proud of. Go Marquette!

Championships Matter said...

Well, would you expect anything less from a first class university?

Nice job, guys. Keep up the great work.