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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Media Updates

Some additional news and notes from around the web.

  • There was also a new release from the podcast series with an interview of Brad Autry. Of all the podcasts, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development Brad Autry has been the most enjoyable to listen to so far. Again, here is the landing page for all podcasts.
  • Autry also touches on the most recent event for the Marquette players. Evidently they just completed Boot Camp. I'm not sure what Boot Camp really refers to, except that Autry mentions it involved lots of running. Has the NCAA relaxed the pre-season requirements for workouts, or are coaching staffs just getting smarter about how they work the teams? We've heard about 30 minute workout chunks and now Boot Camp, but I thought practice didn't officially start until tomorrow? By the way, the previous link has extra information about the Marquette Madness event on 10/25.
  • The team is down in Chicago today for the Chicago Tip-Off Dinner. The event will be at the Shedd Aquarium at 6:30 tonight.
  • While in Chicago, Marquette will practice on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Despite reports to the contrary, those practices will be held at the University of Chicago and will not be open to the public.
  • As a continuing demonstration of why it's a great time to root for Marquette, MU will be on TV a lot this year. The full PDF can be obtained here. Twelve games will be on national TV, and almost all of the other games will either be on Channel 32 or the Big East Network. No, the BE Network is nothing like the Big Ten Network. No word yet on what the TV schedule means for ESPN Full Court, although Chicos is confident all games will be on DirecTV.
  • Eric Silver has an interesting article that re-ranks the 2005 Big East Recruiting Classes. (He ranks MU's class of the Three Amigos as #1)
  • Finally, Luke Winn from SI ranks Marquette the Number Four backcourt in the nation. Check out the link, or view the MUScoop Thread for details (as well as a link for where we were ranked last year). And.... he has McNeal as the #12 Senior in the nation.
UPDATE: included McNeal link
UPDATE #2: No open scrimmage at Whitney Young

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