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Sunday, October 26, 2008

News and notes... It's Madness!

Here you go.....

Last night was Marquette Madness. The GoMarquette.com website has a ton of great content. There is the full clip of the "Pray introduction", the Women's team dancing to "Thriller", Wesley Matthews dunking through his legs, and a clip covering Boot Camp. Check out the Photo Gallery as well. Most of the event is streamed directly from this site. For folks that have issues accessing clips on that website, there's also a thread on MUScoop.com with clips. That thread has Joe Fulce's "Vinsanity dunk", a really interesting clip on MU Coaches, and some other links. If you were there, or would like to see how the team looked, check out this thread.

In other news, the Big East Basketball Report slots Marquette at #5 in their pre-season BIG EAST preview. Also, BrewedSports blogged a Marquette season preview over the weekend.

Finally, MarquetteHoops.com has an article about Lazar Hayward and one about Jerel McNeal.

Missed it? Marquette also got a new commit. Get yourself some coffee, Buzz.

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Gene Frenkle said...

I saw the Madness on Saturday night. One of the biggest things I noticed was Wes Matthews looked like he added about 3-4 inches on his vertical. He always looked solid, but Saturday he looked way more athletic than even before. I have my sights on high for him this coming season.