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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, October 03, 2008

Media updates

Just in time for the weekend.....

CNNSI's Luke Winn features Marquette and Buzz Williams in his latest column. Winn explores the Marquette program from just about every angle and offers up this enticing nugget about Buzz' expected style of play:

Marquette ranked 118th in the nation (and sixth in the Big East) in adjusted tempo last year, at 68.1 possessions per game, and could likely move into the 70s next season. The faster the better, in Williams' opinion, because "as the game gets shorter, our size dilemma gets revealed."
Finally (!!) Marquette fans might get the pressure-oriented squad many had expected when the Three Amigos arrived on campus.

Michael Snaer, who visited MU last weekend, tells Rivals.com he'll next visit UCLA this weekend and Kansas later in the month. The 6'4" Snaer has visited FSU and Missouri as well.

MUScoop has a terrific thread building on 2008-2009 expectations. Register at the Scoop (it's free) and jump into the mix.

Also, MU has a series of events planned for October including the Chicago Tip-Off Dinner and the Blue & Gold Fish Fry. Details are here.


Unknown said...

The obsessive compulsiveness goes beyond quirky. I honestly think there's something wrong with this guy.

Championships Matter said...

Here's the question. If I had the choice of LA-Westwood, California or Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a place to be educated and to play basketball, where would I go?

Are you kidding me? Buzz better be one hell of a salesman. I can see it now. "That white stuff you see on the ground from about November 15th to June 1st, it's just cold beach sand!"

"Our trees lose their leaves so they can grow new ones ... better for the environment!"

"Our women -- they are just more robust. Better built!"