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Monday, February 14, 2005

Here's an interesting perspective on the Louisville game

"Inside the 'Ville," Scout.com's Louisville site, has a message board that seems to be populated with some smart basketball fans.

Here's an interesting perspective--at least for MU fans still smarting from the 47 point loss the Cards pinned on Marquette last time out.

UofL fans are worried about this game. Take a look at the lead comment in one thread, that asks what Louisville has to do win the rematch this week:

Wif Deiner back, I expect it to be a very hard game to win. Given it's at their place, they are on outside looking in w/ the NCAA and we beat them by 50 last time. Nothing in our favor this game. So, what does UL need to do to win?

This is a rather interesting perspective, and one unexpected from fans of a team that gave us such a drubbing last time out.

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