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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Update: Non-Conference Foes

At the start of the season, some on RingoutAhoya wondered why we couldn't schedule the better teams in some of the lesser conferences.

Lets see where our foes stand at mid-season:

Western Carolina: 2-7, Tied for 9th (out of 12) in the Southern
Air Force: 5-1, 2nd in the Mountain West
Illinois State: 7-4, 3rd in the MVC
Sam Houston: 5-2, 2nd in the Southland
Kent State: 6-4, 3rd in MAC
Oakland: 3-5, tied for 6th (out of 9) in MidCon
Delaware State: 7-2, 2nd in MEAC
Coppin State: 7-2, 1st in MEAC
Wisconsin: Tied for 2nd in Big 10
Arizona: 6-2, Tied for 1st in Pac 10
Nebraska: 3-4, Tied for 6th in Big 12

IPFW and SDSU are independents

Looks like most of our non-conference foes (8 out of 11) are contenders for their league championships. Give Tom Crean and Bill Cords some credit for finding some of the better "buy-game" opponents.

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TB said...

Nice analysis. I agree that MU's out of conference slate was pretty good this year -- but the lack of road games prior to conference play remains a disappointment. Imagine if MU had made one of these a road game; the feel would be completely different.