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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Point to the Top

Point guard Travis Diener has had a phenomenal career for Marquette University securing himself as one of best players in the history of the storied program. Tonight's 31 point performance moved "Spike" into the top 5 all-time Marquette scoring list surpassing Dean Meminger, Damon Key and assistant coach Bo Ellis. Diener now has 1667 career points and needs 1774 to pass #1 George Thompson on the all-time list. Diener has five regular season games to play plus one in the Conference USA tournament.

Right now, one would have to believe Diener is not looking out for any scoring records and would like nothing more than to earn a third trip to the NCAA tournament to close out his career.

Marquette All-Time Scorers Top Ten

1) George Thompson 1773 points (3 years)
2) Butch Lee 1735 points
3) Brian Wardle 1690 points
4) Tony Smith 1688 points
5) Travis Diener 1667 points
6) Bo Ellis 1663 points
7) Damon Key 1647 points
8) Dean Meminger 1637 points
9) Trevor Powell 1571 points
10) Don Kojis 1504 points (3 years)


TB said...

what an incredible career. Travis Diener is the best four-year college player EVER produced by the state of Wisconsin

Corey said...

I can't believe how productive he's been over his career. Players like Deiner become guys with strong 10-year NBA careers and ever stronger analyst careers after retirement.