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Friday, May 27, 2005

As the voting commences, "Only one true choice"

The voting for Marquette's new nickname started on Tuesday. I received my voting card yesterday in California and cast my vote this morning for Warriors as a protest vote and Golden Knights (if a Knight isn't a Warrior, I don't know what it is). I know both will be defeated as one has already been told it cannot win. The other is a long, long, long shot to have any chance as one of the two finalists.

It is my firm belief that Golden Eagles will earn one of the final two spots because of the support it has among current students, it is the incumbant of 11 years, it has name recognition. The other finalist I believe will come from the small list of Golden Avalanche, Hilltoppers and perhaps a dark horse candidate.

In today's Holmen Courier, writer Craig Otto's column talks of "Only One Choice Truly Correct for Marquette."


Anonymous said...

I too voted for Golden Knights. I would have written in for Warriors but felt better to cast a second vote against Golden Eagles. Thus, I chose Hilltoppers. Let's hope people equate Knights to Warriors as you and I did.

TB said...

Saints and Golden Knights here. Each of them represent St. John of Arc or St. Ignatius.

Anonymous said...

you should have voted for the Marquette Dwyanewades