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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sharpshooter Bayer to take a look at Marquette

Sharpshooting junior guard, Paul Bayer, from Moline, IL, will take an official visit to Marquette on June 1st and 2nd to see if MU is a good fit for him. Bayer's top 3 choices at this point are Marquette, Stanford and Creighton, and Paul plans to visit all three schools before making a choice.

Something that might factor into this athlete's recruitment is the fact that Marquette currently has only two scholarships left to give in 2006. Anthony Green has already committed, and there are two spots left in the class to replace Steve Novak, Joe Chapman and Chris Grimm. Of course, the wildcard here is soon-to-be freshman, Matt Mortensen. It is anticipated that Mortensen may take his Mormon mission after his freshman or sophomore year. Of course, this would open up a guard spot and a scholarship for another player, possibly even Bayer.

Further complicating this situation is the fact that Bayer apparently would like to commit to one of his top 3 choices before the end of June. Considering Marquette is heavily involved with two of their top two choices, big men Bryce Webster and Jonathan Mitchell, it is unclear whether Marquette will be willing to offer Bayer a scholarship that early in the game. Then again, maybe MU knows that Mort is going on his mission???? Stay tuned.

Here is a great article by Mark Miller about Bayer's upcoming visit: http://www.wbby.com/cgi/scoopdisp.cgi?scoop_id=154

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