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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cracks With the Board of Trustees?

Some interesting developments with John Stollenwerk the last few days. Stollenwerk is a Board of Trustees member and the founder of Allen Edmonds shoes. It was first reported on Monday that he had sent an email to a friend saying he did not agree with the GOLD decision. The email was read on the Mark Belling show.

The episode is captured on Dr. John McAdams blog here as heard on the Mark Belling show (click here)

Today, John Stollenwerk emailed Belling and recanted his email. Stollenwerk's email today was also read on Belling's show.


I fully support and voted yes on the Marquette University Board of Trustees’ decision to:

1. Not go back to the name “Warriors”
2. Change the name from “Golden Eagles”
3. Change the name to “Gold”

Today's full recant email can also be found on the McAdams blog by clicking here.

Interesting developments to be sure.

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