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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Word on the Web

Let's take a look at what the Blogosphere and other parts of the Web are saying about the Marquette Gold. I'm sure The Onion, Letterman, Leno and others aren't far behind.

The Kool-Aid report posits that "Just because a team is in the Big East doesn't mean it's a Big East team"

The Kool-Aid report follows-up with a dozen nicknames that would have been better.

JJ's Rambling Garbage offers a familiar refrain: "how embarassing"

WisOpinion.Com says its "hard to believe Marquette was able to compromise on a new nickname that absolutely nobody likes."

A Day In The Life reports that "Marquette sucks"

A Merrier World spans the web for heavy sarcasm

The MULS Federalists are having a field day

The American Mind asks: "Gold: Pan or Dig It?"

Rex Blog thinks MU pulled off the biggest scam of all time!

Georgetown's blog clobbers MU as well, while letting St John's fans off the hook for their silly name change.

The Libertarian Librarian simply says, W.T.F.

MU's own John McAdams shares some 'fan mail' on the topic here.

Want a message board's take on this? MU is the laughingstock of the CUSA message boards (pretty funny stuff here, actually)

eBay is getting in on the action too.

Ladies and Gentelmen, please welcome your Marquette Gold!

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AutismNewsBeat said...

I think it's time to put aside the sarcasm, and get on with selecting some appropriate cheers for our new mascot. Here are some possibilities:

Marquette Gold cheers


One nine six point nine six eight
That is our atomic weight.
Goooooooo Gold!


We are gold
We ain't no dopes
We have 18 isotopes
Goooooo Gold!


You can run
But you can't hide
We come from auric chloride
Goooooo Gold!


Tell your mama
Tell your pa
When you meet us
You'll be in AU
Goooooo Gold!