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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Marquette Lays A Giant Egg - Six new articles

Michael Hunt's article today in the Journal-Sentinel really takes the Board of Trustees to the woodshed.

Congratulations, Marquette. You've managed to offend just about all your people now.

For the complete Michael Hunt article, click here.

Marquette graduate Bob Wolfley, writer for the Journal-Sentinel also has chimed in with his thoughts on the GOLD. More of the same, but again nails his target. Click here for a Golden Dose of Wolfley.

Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel writes that both Father Wild and John Bergstrom (Board of Trustees) wanted Warriors but it carried too much baggage. Apparently the Indian tribes of Wisconsin have total exclusivity now on what a warrior is....who knew. They continue to site the line that alums and fans cannot separate the imagery of Indians with Warriors. This seems odd since the Philadelphia / Golden State Warriors was also originally based on Indian imagery and no one ever associates Indians with that basketball team or their logo. Click here for Walker's complete article.

And finally, from the Chicago Tribune, Mike Downey pens "New Nickname Is Soon To Become Gold Standard" a sarcastic look at MU's decision and what dominoes may fall next.

Added May 8th: "Not Much Glimmer in Gold" (Madison Cap Times)

ADDED MAY 9th "The Gold Standard in PC" from the Beloit Daily News


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