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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Taking it National

The National Media has now taken hold as well as MU's own Dwyane Wade. Pardon the Interuption (PTI) on ESPN had a small bit about. Host Michael Wilbon calls it (the GOLD) "the Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard" which is saying a lot since he's a sports writer and sits across from Tony Kornheiser.

"The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard"
-Michael Wilbon of PTI

Dwyane Wade was interviewed by ESPNews about the Miami Heat's NBA playoff run and was completely caught off guard by the news. The transcript is below and we are trying to find video footage to link to the site. Dwyane's facial expression and words said it all.


ESPN News just had an interview with Wade, who apparently had not heard of the change:

ESPN: Your alma mater, Marquette, they've changed their nickname to the Gold. What do you think of that?

Wade: To that what?

ESPN: To the Gold. The Marquette Gold. That's what they're going with now.

Wade: [Pause. Furrows his brow.] Oh I gotta call. I gotta call in on that one. I don't know how that sounds.

ESPN: We're breaking some news here?

Wade: I heard they was trying to change it back to Warriors.

ESPN: No I guess they're going with Gold. I'm surprised they didn't call you to check if it was okay with you.

Wade: [Squints. Incredulous.] The Gold? [Beat.] No I'm gonna make a phone call to to Marquette after we get off this. [Laughs] I don't know about that one.

ESPN: So that might change.

Wade: The Gold? The Marquette Gold?

ESPN: All right Dwyane, so far so good, and I know your word carries a lot of weight at Marquette as well as Miami, so congratulations. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs.

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Anonymous said...

This blog is great. Thank you for keeping us up to speed with the reactions from both sides on the nickname change.