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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Big East Pool Results Round 1

An amazing 304 of you joined our free tournament pool. Thank you to all of you. We actually received about 325 entries but the software we use kicked out a few as duplicates and I didn't catch them in time. So if you feel you got in legitimately and somehow your nickname isn't showing up, email me at warriornation@earthlink.net with your email receipt of your picks and we will take a look.

The link below has all of the various reports. The Champions Summary tells you how the 304 participants picked the various champions (for example 146 picked UCONN, 2 picked Louisville, etc).

The Tournament Summary report breaks down how each of the 304 selected all the teams to do in various rounds. The Current Standings report is obvious. Only 8 of you got all four winners right today.

Finally the Player Scenarios page has all 304 players and their best possible finish, worst posible finish and who you have to cheer for the rest of the way to get that best possible finish. It also tells you if you have been mathematically eliminated from a top 10 finish.

Best of luck. More results to come tomorrow....late, however as I have to work late here in California.

Click on the link below for the Report Package main page and then on the individual reports to see the actual reports for each one.

2006 Big East Tournament Pool Round One Results

Incidentally, with Louisville's loss tonight they become the new owner of the trivia question "Who is the last team to make the Final Four one year and not make the NCAAs the next year". Marquette was the owner of the dubious title until Louisville with their loss tonight. I believe it is the 9th time in history of the NCAAs that this has happened. UL almost pulled off an amazing comeback and they will be tough next year when those kids mature.

Go Marquette!!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I think there might be an error...looks like you had Louisville winning tonight in the results

muwarrior92 said...

Correct, I accidentally selected Louisville as the winner instead of Pitt. I've just re-run the numbers and they should be correct now.