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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Impressions of the Big East Tournament

I had the pleasure of attending the entire BET over the weekend -- what a blast. A few thoughts:

  • -MU fans need to mark their calendars and get out here next year.
  • -MU fans need to wear their colors even after the good guys lose. It was frustrating to see MU fans lose their colors after the loss. Frankly, I received countless compliments about MU's season from fans of opposing Big East programs - - did not get one negative or sarcastic remark (and I was decked out in gold all week).
  • -The buzz from the tournament extends beyond MSG .... folks all around Manhattan were acknowledging fans decked out in their colors.
  • -Fellow Big East fans were nothing but positive towards MU.Big East fans are great.
  • -The karma inside MSG and in Manhattan in general was nothing short of sweet. Its one big party with a bunch of fun folks.
  • -MU is as good as any team in the Big East. The difference between MU and the other teams is marginal -- its all about playing well on game day. The teams are incredibly evenly matched.
  • -Gerry McNamara is god.
  • -Pitt will win the Big East next season. They consistently played better with Krauser on the bench throughout the week.
  • -Syracuse fans represent. Nobody in the Big East compares.
  • -MU's office of alumni relations did a super job of accomodating the MU fan base in NYC -- well done.
  • -MSG is a marvelous venue for this tournament -- great site lines from anywhere in the arena.
  • -MSG absolutely rocks when traditional Big East teams play (particularly UConn and the Cuse).
I already can't wait for next year's BET.


Anonymous said...

"Gerry McNamara of Syracuse (which I can't figure out .... he didn't deserve this slot)."

Nice to see you on the Ger-ry! Ger-ry! Ger-ry! bandwagon after basically calling him overrated before the tournament started!

TB said...

i am a believer after seeing him this week.

but his regular season was decidely pedestrian.

he recovered nicely when it mattered most

Cuse fans -- great fans, congtrats

Hoya Suxa said...

Good to hear you had a good time in NYC.

There's a reason that MSG is the Basketball Mecca.

TB said...

thx, Matt....but hey, I live here too


I'll add u to the blogroll now