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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Enter our Big East Tournament Pool

We're hosting a Big East Tournament pool for free. No money involved, just for fun although if we can find a cool prize (t-shirt) or something we will see what we can do. Click on the link below to enter your picks. Only your nickname will be used to post the standings.

Every first round game is worth 1 point

Every second round game is worth 2 points

Every third round game is worth 4 points

Championship game is worth 8 points

First tiebreaker is closest to the final score of the championship game.

All picks must be done by 11:00am EST on Wednesday, March 8th. Limit of one entry per person.

Best of luck


1 comment:

John Crowe said...

Yo - I posted on the G'town hoop site, maybe you'll get a few more takers!