"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Want a few chills? - Very, Very Cool

If you weren't able to make it, Alum91 over on the Ahoya board captured today's senior introductions.

Starting line-up introductions videos here

Video salute to the seniors after the game

Tom Crean addresses the crowd / Chris Grimm

Chapman and Novak address the crowd

Nicely done Alum91 and the RingOutAhoya board

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Anonymous said...

Found this website (a UNC recruiting site) that features Steve as a possible UNC recruit.

Seeing that Senior Day was yesterday, this is a fun way to look back on what it was like BEFORE he began at MU.