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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

90th anniversary weekend was a huge success

Hopefully this is not too late....but a brief recap of the past weekend's festivities at MU is in order. Last weekend Marquette welcomed back former players, coaches and managers for an all-class reunion commemorating 90 years of Marquette basketball. As always, the university put on a command performance for its alums. On Friday night MU held a reception at the Union with Jack Harbaugh as the energetic host. Coach Crean and Coach Raymonds each spoke, and the evening was highlighted by a fantastic video montage chock-full of 90 years worth of basketball footage and images.

I was fortunate enough to serve as a manager with the Marquette hoops program during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Thankfully, many of the players and former managers I spent countless hours with back then returned to campus last weekend -- catching up with them was a blast and the halftime ceremony was memorable (mu_hilltopper did a great job capturing that video!).

Anyway, many thanks to Tom Crean, Jack Harbaugh, Zach Goines, Sarah Claus and the entire MU team that was involved in making last weekend's reunion so successful.

BTW, it was nice to meet you Murff!

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Anonymous said...

That's it? No stories about the crazy antics? Bill Cords wearing a lampshade kind of thing? Robb Logterman doing a naked beer slide? Bo Ellis asking everyone to pull his finger? Dance Team members jumping out of a cake, something?