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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Reading: 'Basketball Warfare' now available

Big East fans take note!

Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal, one of the premier Big East basketball beat writers and friend of this blog, has published his first book Basketball Warfare. The book details the 25-year history of the nation's premier basketball conference, and goes in-depth to analyze the expanded Big East by chronicling the inaugural 16-team season in 2005-2006.

Here's a quick overview of what to expect:

Basketball Warfare tells the story of how the league morphed from a basketball powerhouse in the 1980's into a 16-team Super Conference today. You'll also follow the first season in the new Big East and see stars like Rudy Gay, Gerry McNamara and Randy Foye following in the footsteps of Patrick Ewing, Carmelo Anthony and Emeka Okafor. The Big East sent a record eight teams to the NCAA Tournament in 2005-06 and more than lived up to its billing as the best basketball conference in the country. Basketball Warfare captures the exploits of the star players, Hall of Fame coaches and the drama and intensity of college basketball at the highest level.
I'm know many of you enjoy reading Kevin's fine work over at the ProJo -- and its a good bet that this book will delight fans of the Big East.

You can order the book by visiting his web site, BigEastBook.com The Web is the primary sales channel for this volume. The book will be available to ship next week.

Count me in as one of the first to purchase this one!

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