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Monday, January 22, 2007

DIRECTV signs four year exclusive deal with CBS for Mega March Madness

A little shameless plug and a resource for those of you out of market fans that plan on watching the NCAA tournament this year with a hopeful appearance by Marquette. DIRECTV and CBS announced a four year exclusive extension to the NCAA Mega March Madness package this afternoon.

“From its inception, exclusive sports programming has set DirecTV apart as the leading multichannel provider of the world’s most important and exciting
sporting events,” CEO Chase Carey said in a prepared statement. “The NCAA Men’s
Basketball Championship is one of those unique events that capture the attention
of sports fans throughout the country, and DirecTV will bring our customers
every upset, buzzer-beater and Cinderella story.”

MultiChannel News Story

The package will be $69 and includes HD games as well as Mix Channel that allows you to watch 4 games at one time and utilize an interactive bracket to follow all of the action of your picks.

For complete details go here to www.directv.com/mmm

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