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Saturday, January 27, 2007

MU to run with Bulls, USF

UPDATED: Wanna watch the game? See below.

On Sunday, 1pm CST, Marquette travels to Tampa to take on the USF Bulls at the Sun Dome. (p.s. The Sun Dome has it's own MySpace page, where you can check out who it's dating, and what kind of music it likes.)

The Bulls are having a rough year, and are currently 2-5 in the Big East, and at this point, have their sites set on not being one of the 4 BE teams that don't qualify for the BE Tournament in March. This may be difficult, as South Florida Blogger Brett McMurphy writes, the Bulls, according to Sagarin, won't win another game this year. That's a prediction no team wants. -- However, with MU's 5 game winning streak, the USF game presents the ultimate in "trap games" where a team flying high gets brought to earth by a team that shouldn't do so.

The Bulls have Melvin Buckley, 15.9ppg, 8th in the Big East, and McHugh Mattis, who with an 4.1 blocks per game, ranks 4th in the entire NCAA. -- Mattis recently had a 10 block game. -- Their five starters are responsible for a whopping 94% of their offense, so if you hear USF is reaching for the pines, it bodes well for the Warriors.

There is no television coverage of the game.

If WAUK has both hamsters powering their transmitter on Sunday, you can hear the game on 1510AM in select parts of the Milwaukee area. Otherwise, listen online. Also, if you have a moment, stop in to MUScoop's chat room during the game. With a radio-only game, there's usually a couple dozen MU fans chatting while listening.

UPDATE: Want to watch the USF/MU game? USF has a video stream you can purchase. $7.95 buys you 1 month of everything USF, including Sunday's game, it appears. I haven't seen the video quality, so can't exactly give it the Cracked Sidewalks Seal of Approval, but I've got eight bucks burning a hole in my pocket and will give it a whirl.

USF Media Guide

Game Notes from USF -- MU Game Notes

AP Preview (MU 6.5 point favorites.)

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Anonymous said...

If you go to the USF athletic web site:

You can pay for a month for the audio/video and watch the Marquette USF game for $7.98.