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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cottingham to remain AD longer

JS Online's Don Walker is reporting that Steve Cottingham, Marquette's interim athletic director will continue for another year. The search for a permanent director will "be launched late this year." Also, Cottingham "nor any of MU's head coaches" would be candidates for AD. -- So the thoughts of Crean taking the position are officially put to rest.

Also to note, Mike Broeker has been named deputy athletic director, giving him rule over the Warrior Shoppe and the Nelligan Sports Marketing stuff.

There's no doubt it will take some time to fill Bill Cords' big shoes. Good luck to Steve and Mike with their positions.


Anonymous said...

The WARRIOR Shoppe???? Wishful thinking

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that the person holding up this search is our Napoleonic head coach?

People don't sneeze over there without checking with Crean. The administration took his advice on "Gold" and hasn't learned their lesson!

I'm just curious what else we can give this coach who hasn't won a tourney game since Wade left? Is there another Harbaugh available to fill the job?

Anonymous said...

There's no debating Crean has a lot of sway at MU. Fr. Wild and the gang respect him enormously, and certainly give him say on hiring the new AD.

As for the "Gold" comment .. Crean had zero to do with that. Zero. It was entirely the BoT who had Gold sprung on them and voted for it that day.

Anonymous said...

I hope Marquette goes in the toilet for a decade because of the complete dicks they have as fans. The guys that bitch about Crean deserve a bottom feeder program.

Anonymous said...

.. as he said while cutting his nose off, to spite himself.

1% of MU fans are dicks. Unfortunately, they have internet connections, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why questioning Crean makes one a "dick?"

Anonymous said...

"launched late this year" What the heck has been going on??? Why not start the search NOW??

Anonymous said...

You can't launch a search now and get candidates that are worthwhile to consider it. Good candidates are not going to bail at their current positions now, which are busy times for ADs getting plans in place for next year. You start the search in December so that you can name your AD at the end of the spring semester.