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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Now, Orlando's coach fired for not playing Diener

A few days ago, we reported Steve Novak's coach, Jeff Van Gundy, was fired from Houston for not giving Steve enough playing time.

Well, now it's Travis Diener's turn. Brian Hill, Orlando's coach, was fired today for not giving Travis enough PT.

Clearly, the message has been sent to coaches around the NBA: Leave Marquette's NBA players on your bench at your own peril.


Ben Q. Rock said...

Very ominous indeed. I doubt the Magic re-sign Diener in the offseason, though. Think the Bucks might be interested?

Anonymous said...

...except it doesn't even mention Diener in the article.

Ben Q. Rock said...

Anon 10:10, the post was satirical.

Kevin Buckley said...

Satire? SATIRE!? We at Cracked Sidewalks don't DO satire. We stick to cold hard facts.

FACT: Diener went to Marquette.
FACT: Diener didn't get much PT in Orlando.
FACT: Novak went to Marquette.
FACT: Novak didn't get much PT in Houston.
FACT: Both coaches were fired.

5 undisputed facts. One coach being fired might have been a coincidence, but two? Clearly, these guys were removed from power for not playing Diener and Novak.

At Cracked Sidewalks, we report AND decide.

It's just easier that way.

Anonymous said...

Its clear the reporter was in error when he said Reddick and not Diener.

TB said...

No, the GM should be fired for drafting Redick when Ronnie Brewer, Shawne Williams, or Josh Boone would have offered more immediate help to the franchise.

The coach should be commended for not playing Redick. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just to help give this argument (and any other argument for that matter) more "street cred", preface any statement you claim to be factual w/ "It's a medical fact..." For instance: It's a medical fact that both Diener & Novak went to MU, didn't get much PT and their coaches were fired due to their lack of PT. You just can't argue against medical facts.