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Monday, May 21, 2007

DJ not invited to Orlando Camp

An "unofficial" list was released yesterday of the 60 NBA hopefuls that were invited to the Orlando Pre-Draft camp.

Marquette's Dominic James was not on that list of 60, but was one of three the "alternates."

That's pretty surprising. One would figure out of 60 guys, there's at least a dozen PGs. How DJ isn't one of the top 60 potential draftees, nor one of the top dozen PGs is interesting. This would solidify the idea that James isn't going to be a 1st round pick, for sure.

Additionally, the theory was that DJ wanted to test the waters and hope to "blow up" at the pre-draft camp to see if/where he'd be drafted. Yesterday's news would indicate the greater likelihood that he'll be back wearing #1 for the Warriors next season.

Andy Katz' blog has this:

Marquette sophomore guard Dominic James is an alternate for the Orlando pre-draft camp next week but that's not forcing him to withdraw from the NBA draft -- yet.

Marquette coach Tom Crean said that James has at least four workouts with NBA teams from June 6-18. Crean said he advised James that if he were going to test the draft process, then he had to maximize every day.

There is still a chance that James could be added to the Orlando camp roster, considering there are usually a number of players who are pulled by their representation as the week gets closer.


Anonymous said...

Very surprising that he was not invited. Between this and TC not showing up for his "I am testing the waters" press conference, it makes u wonder what the heck is going on

Based on TC's comments, am I wrong to think he wants DJ to get out and be drafted? Perhaps, but at this point, he has no choice but to support his player. DJ declared, so if he does not go all-out to impress the NBA scouts it'll be opportunity wasted.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder who advised James to test the waters in the first place. I highly doubt it was Crean. If it was, his judgement should be called into question. It is likely that James will never be a first round NBA pick and somebody needs to explain that to him.

Anonymous said...

there is no downside for james by testing the waters. if it doesn't work out for him this year, he is no worse off and likely ganed a lot of info about what he needs to work on and the whole draft process.

Anonymous said...

The Spring recruiting period is about 8 days. Crean was out recruiting, which is why he wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

Well I think the DJ issue is settled, but what about the scholarship angle?

Is Blackledge officially out of the program with his scholaship available for the incomming freshmen?

Anonymous said...

With DJ returning I think the team's dynamics becomes somewhat complicated even without the scholarship issue.

Gene Frenkle said...

I have no problem w/James testing the waters. It's a free way of (hopefully) improving your stock.

But, him not being invited? I can't help but think that this doesn't help Crean at all.

Personally, I've stuck up for him a lot and I think most of the criticism he gets is unwarranted. That said, this hurts the rep a little bit.

I still think he's looking out for James' best interest. But to not know for sure James was being invited to Orlando or not? That's just interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I am no defender of TC, but I don't understand after James has declared what is the difference if TC does or doesn't know this? Would that info have been available even before DJ declared? I guess that is the implication?? If that is the case I agree it certainly is bad for TC. Zouch!

Anonymous said...

Even if he does get invited as an alternate, which looks like it will happen now, he's stupid to try to enter the draft. I haven't seen a mock draft with him in the first round yet, though he might sneak in because players like Hibbert and Rush that were locks for the first round have the sense to return to school to get better.