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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dominic James Update

Dominic James has more than a month to make a decision about his basketball future, and early indications are he'll need all of that time to evaluate his options. According to today's Indianapolis Star, James remains a 'bubble player' who could be selected in either the late first or early second rounds of the upcoming NBA draft.

With help from Tom Crean, the NBA's draft advisory committee - - a small group of talent evaluators who assess the draftability of declared underclassmen -- is providing James with candid feedback on his value:

Crean values the committee as an independent, objective source of information. He used it in 2003 to get feedback on behalf of Dwyane Wade, who was taken fifth by Miami after his junior season. So far, however, the committee is less positive regarding James' status.......

......."In the case of Dominic it wasn't like he got great news that made it a no-brainer, but we've heard enough other things to be able to say there's an opportunity and an option. Now he has to do as much as he possibly can with it."
After completing finals next week, James will turn his attention to an aggressive workout schedule to prepare for the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando on June 4-8. Following the camp, the advisory committee will provide an updated assessment of James' draft prospects (on or about June 13).

Per the quote below, James sounds hungry -- but as a fan I have to ask, how and why did you lose your edge in the first place?
"I'm going to constantly be in the gym," he said. "Last year I came in with a chip on my shoulder. I got a lot of praise and kind of lost that chip. I've got that chip back."
I guess there might have been truth to the buzz on the message boards (largely from gr8one/Murff, who was ripped for this assertion throughout the season) that James had at least one eye on the NBA for most of his sophomore campaign.

If that chip on his shoulder had been present for the duration 2006-2007 season, James might have had much less to prove in Orlando next month.



Anonymous said...

Murffeius, the ultimate Marquette insider!

Sounds like James is looking for any excuse to stay in the draft

BG85 said...

Then again he might not get drafted at all.

Anonymous said...

I truly do not understand this entire charade. Not only is James unprepared to play in the NBA, I'm not sure he'll ever be good enough. He's a great athlete, but simply not a professional-level basketball player. Period. Fantasizing about it is nice, but I happen to think we're doing this kid a disservice by perpetuating his belief that he's anything more than a decent college player.

The Chuter said...

CBA...CBA...CBA...The chant is getting louder

Anonymous said...

Hey if I had that much talent and was that close to fullfilling a dream, I would review my options. James had a disappointing year to no one else greater than himself. He should pursue his dreams. If it means to come back to Marquette to play his Junior year and possibly his senior year, that would be great. Whatever his choice I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

That's just it...how was his year "disappointing?" I think he played up to his capabilities and was pretty much the same player as his freshman year -- minus Steve Novak providing him with a "do not leave him open" teammate. Why we keep encouraging these NBA pipedreams is beyond me. It can only lead to disappointment and resentment among teammates.

Anonymous said...

I heard that at the team banquet a week or two ago the team voted on and named Jerel McNeal as Marquette's MVP...

Hey Dom, if your own team doesn't even think you're the best player, why are you trying for the NBA when he (MU's best player, Jerel) is not?

All this hype is ridiculous. I completely agree, James should stay and "get that chip back on his shoulder." But then again, and maybe what's he's most worried about (and some of us are worried about as well) is that this year he showed his true colors and he's trying to get out of here before more people realize it. I know it's pessimistic, and I usually look for the best in people. But as a fan and someone that truly loves this team it's hard to see James go through this circus of maybe going to the draft, for better or for worse.

Anonymous said...

The CBA doesn't even exist anymore!

Gene Frenkle said...

I completely, 100% agree he had an eye on the NBA. That observation was immediately apparent in my eyes after the Duke game. That was the turning point in the year for James (for the worse, I might add).

I've said a million times. He's great. Phenom athlete. But...unless he's 100% guaranteed of a first round pick, he needs to come back.

I can't fault the kid for chasing his dream, but he needs to seek out non-yes-men. It sounds like he has, but you never know. Every interview I read from him sounds like he's trying to talk himself into going pro. We'll see.