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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tim Buckley is back at Marquette; Blackledge?

As we reported some time ago, former MU assistant Tim Buckley is back with the Marquette basketball program per Rosiak's blog. Buckley, formerly the head coach at Ball State University, was hired as MU's director of basketball operations to replace the recently departed Todd Townsend (he left for an assistant's gig at Northeastern).

OK, its great to have Buckley back in the fold at MU -- but who are we kidding, he's back as the director of basketball operations? The man was a D1 head coach and most recently served as an assistant coach at the University of Iowa. This writer can't imagine Buckley settled for a director of basketball ops position unless he knew a bona fide assistant coaching position would open up on the MU bench soon. Hey, this is just speculation, but Buckley is decidedly overqualified for the role he just accepted. Kudos to TC for attracting strong coaching talent like Buckley, but let's watch this space.

Speaking of spectator sports, the Trend Blackledge academic progress watch is still in process. According to Rosiak's blog, Blackledge's academic status 'has yet to be determined'.

Umm, hello...what the heck is taking so long??

Finals concluded on May 12 and final grades are undoubtedly in (a no-brainer since graudation was held on May 20). As Crean himself said back in February when Blackledge was declared ineligible, "There's never going to be a double standard for academics; you're either taking care of it or you're not."

Academics with TC are binary. So why does he appear to be waffling or buying time now? Either Blackledge held up his end of the bargain or not.

The cynic might say that Dominic James' NBA dreams are part of the 'complicated process' involving Blackledge's scholarship.


Anonymous said...

When DJ found out he wasn't invited to the NBA camp, two sounds were heard out of the Al Center. First was "CRAP!" and second was Trend's "GULP!"

If (when) DJ withdraws from the draft in a few weeks, one will figure we'll start hearing how the schollie situation shakes out, and hear about the eligibility of the 4 guys coming in, since nothing definitive has been released.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Crean is waiting for the annual rite of spring at MU -- transfers and assistant coaching departures.

Kevin Buckley said...

..Not according to Rosiak. "..Crean enters next season with his staff of assistants fully intact for the first time in a number of years." (besides Townsend and Buckley switching.) So the coaching staff will remain the same this year.

.. I did find this quote interesting "Obviously he (Buckley) won't be able to have an impact on the floor with his coaching," .. is there some rule about the number of guys helping players? Why wouldn't Buckley be able to be on the floor? Townsend and Wardle were, at least during games. I assumed they were at practices, too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is a double standard, but if Trend does not play basketball for Marquette, at least I hope he can continue his education at Marquette.

Unknown said...

agree with the previous poster on blackledge's education.

ad majorem dei gloriem and all that.

you've gotta hope that at a jesuit institution we're doing everything to make sure that guy leaves with a degree. you know that DI is gonna be a challenge for the juco guys. you really do have to plan on bending over backwards to make sure they get a fair shot.

Anonymous said...

Jinkees Batman, we might have an answer


Anonymous said...

hopefully he'll play