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Friday, November 30, 2007

Did Dan Fitzgerald injure his left wrist?

The MU boards are buzzing about a rumored wrist injury to 6'8" senior Dan Fitzgerald. The rumor was first posted by MU_Freak on MUScoop yesterday. On the Marquette Hoops site, there is a similar thread with consistent information.

Nothing official from MU at this point.

BTW, UW-M moved tonight's game watching party from the Klotsche Center to the Union due to lack of interest. Remember, this is a game the fans want.


Anonymous said...

Why does everybody keep sarcastically saying that the "fans wanted this game" while triumphantly declaring the game a non sellout? It's ridiculous.

Would you rather Marquette play at the Bradley Center against UWM in front of 16,000 to 17,000 or have them take on Maryland-Baltimore County in front of 9,000?

It's not great, but pathetically, it's Marquette's best non-conference home game.

Actually, even if the two schools weren't located in the same city it would be the best non-conference home game. And that is a fact.

Great schedule, guys!

Anonymous said...

I predict the IUPUI game will turn out to have been MU's best non-conference home game.

Another point to make on scheduling is that NCAA basketball's playing is gaining parity. Any small school team can upset a major on a given day. Look at Gardner-Webb's upset of Kentucky in Lexington.

Anonymous said...

Ooops...meant to say "NCAA's playing field is gaining parity."

John Cocktoastan said...

Hey whiskerbiscuit, the reason people keep saying that is that FOR YEARS UWM fans have been saying that MU is scared to play UWM and that UWM fans would show up en masse and fill the Bradley Center.

Not scared and they didn't.

I remember several years ago fielding many messages on the ESPN message boards (back when people used them) about how UWM ruled and MU was scared. It was pathetic then and even more so now.

Go MU!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. I said it before and I'll say it again. Big programs compete against big programs and mid-majors look for games in Superior, Escanaba, Dodge City, Rock Island, IL and wherever else Greyhound goes.

Face it UWM, you now know what we have known for years. Marquette's time is better spend playing D-1 powerhouses and learning how to play for national championships rather than barely breaking a sweat against a nobody in a nothing game.

Here's hoping Tom Crean and our guys discover the Big 10, ACC or SEC.

Gene Frenkle said...

People need to get a reality check on the schedule making. I don't like it, and obviously a lot of you don't like it, but like college football, easy non-conference schedules are a way of life for teams in BCS conferences.

There are only a handful of programs that have the power to schedule practically any other power they want. Otherwise, unless you are a mid-major in a bracket-buster weekend or you are willing to play all your non-conf games on the road, you play tough teams in tournaments and load up your home schedule w/winnable games.

As a fan of college football and basketball, it sucks. But with the pressure on winning at all costs (not just conference titles, but bowl games and NCAA Tourney games) teams that play in powerhouse conferences view the risk/reward ratio and figure there's no reason to play tough teams.