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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Marquette: where student athletes graduate

Earlier this week the NCAA released its annually updated list of graduation rates for athletes and Marquette University was among the nation's best. In the most recent NCAA report, the average Division I graduation success rate (GSR) is 77%. Marquette blew that away with a 95% GSR! Only the domers scored higher in the Big East.

In terms of basketball, the national Division I average GSR was just 61% (DePaul 'helped' there with 36%. LOL). Marquette basketball clocked in at 89% for the assessed time period.

That's an exceptional performance by Marquette University. Congratulations.

The Chicago Tribune has a full report here.

To view Marquette's complete GSR, here is the full .pdf file.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive! Congratulations to all! GO MU!