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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marquette hosts low mid-major this week

and there are plenty of tickets available for the game, one that is an 'important issue to.....fans of college basketball and the city of Milwaukee' according to an athletic administrator in town.

How is this possible?

Some fans are SHOCKED.......SHOCKED I tell ya! that seats remain -- good seats -- for this much anticipated game between Marquette and a low mid-major.

Remember, this is a game that could have been played in Miller Park in order to accommodate 20,000 fans. Heck, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel even redefined the term 'rivalry' when the series was announced.

Note to Bobbi Roquemore and Bud Haidet; 34-0 does not a rivalry make. Nor does low mid-major fan apathy. As of this morning, fans can buy 10 seats together for Friday's game and sit along the sides of the court. No need to fill the corners for Al this time.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, it is a testament to the coaching abilities of both Bo Ryan and Bruce Pearl that the UWM program got to where it was. It doesn't seem to be the case of an emerging "program" that is set to take on the big boys consistantly. Honestly, if MU loses this game, it really doesn't indicate some sort of seismic shift in Milwaukee basketball.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too frisky NY Warrior before you check out the results of the other sporting events held between the two schools this year.

What does (our) MU "AD" have to say about that?

Anonymous said...

That blocks of ten seats are available for a Friday night game surely doesn't say much about UWM's fan base. But I would really prefer MU fans buy up more tickets and show our crosstown rivals (can I use that word) how loud our house can be. Didn't expect a sellout, but come on, our guys went to the mat in Hawaii and deserve a little more home cooking.

Anonymous said...

Why would UWM fans buy tickets from Marquette/Ticketmaster?

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Playing UWM is a waste of time and talent. Outside Milwaukee, UWM might as well be UW-Zero. Nobody knows who they are and nobody cares.

Last week, Marquette played Duke and Oklahoma State. This week, instead of playing UWM, they should be playing Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Kansas. All are teams MU will have to beat to make it to the Final 4 and we better figure out how to do it now.

Hey UWM -- Big Schools Play Big Schools and Nobodies Play Nobodies.

Anonymous said...

I'm a die hard MU fan, but get off of your high horse. If you compare the teams in the last three years, UWM has won 3 NCAA tournament games, and MU has won 0. Also, you have to take the 34-0 with a grain of salt, because UWM just became D-1 in 1990, and the last time we played them was 9 years ago in 1998. Obviously, UWM is not as high of a profile progam as we are, but they at least deserve some respect for what they have done in the past few years. And, as a side note, Bobbi Roquemore no longer is the beat writer for UWM, so I'm sure her feelings are not hurt by what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what our AD says about the other sporting events, but I can most assuredly say "I don't care."

Anonymous said...

"they should be playing Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Kansas."

When in the world has Tom Crean shown a willingness to play somebody like that? Not since Arizona! I'd much rather play UWM than the Devrys we've been playing for the past 3 or 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps the reason Marquette is 0- for the after Wade era is because we spend too much time playing UWMs. Utah State, the North Suburban Little Sisters of the Poor and St. Alphonse State of Hayward.

Let's begin to think of things in the way Jesuits understand. You can have your 11,000 persons at the Bradley Center for UWM or you pack the rafters with North Carolina and have hundreds lined up outside begging for tickets. Which one produces more revenue and more profit?

I'd trade the east side for the east coast any day of the week. As I said before, Big time programs play Big Time Programs. Nobodies play in Oshkosh, Stout, Plattville and on the east side.

Victor E. Panther said...

Ouch, a low mid-major? Is that only stated because it's UWM (as opposed to UVS, IUPUI, etc)? I guess we have some more NCAA Tournament work to do.. I understand MU fans love their program as much as us Panther fans love ours, but enough with the belittling of UWM. This is going to be fun rivalry for (at least) the next 5 years! Let's enjoy it. This year might not be the best match-up (unless the Panthers finally put it all together for 40 minutes and Torre Johnson goes off), but it is the start of something good and healthy, IMO. It won't be a sellout; but there definately will be a lot of folks at the BC Friday night. I hope it is a well played contest, with respect held intact by fans from both sides. I wish MU the best of luck, they may not need it in the least (and will rather need to restrain themselves from running up the score too much...lol!), but it's college basketball, so you never know.. I look forward to seeing some quality play from both teams, and, hopefully, a fun game to watch. No hard feelings, it is all understood: UWM does have a LOT of work to do!